Team Hoyt was such an inspirational video!
It talks about a father and a son. The father's name is Dick Hoyt. The son's name is Rick Hoyt. Rick Hoyt has Cerebral Palsy.
Rick says: "dad will you run a 5k run with me?"
Father says: "yes son!" 
Dick and Rick Hoyt run lots of marathons. We do a 15 minute run called daily run. Its silly because after daily run we are so tired, when Dick Hoyt is swimming with Rick in a boat, running a marathon and pushing a stroller at the same time, riding a bike with a car seat on the bike at the same time!  
Watch the video Team Hoyt! Also Check out my teachers blog @ Mr.dorland.weebly.com go on the Div.1 students and check out my class mates blog too!

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