After school Melody goes over to Ms.V's house. Ms.V helps Melody study for the test for Whiz Kids! Ms.V and Melody study really hard when Melody's mom and Penny come's to Ms.V's porch. Ms.V and Melody's mom talk when Melody says "Can we have cookies?" Penny repeats Melody "Cookies!" Ms.V goes in her house and makes some cookies. Ms.V gives Melody's mom some cookies on a paper towel to give to Penny. Ms.V breaks Melody's cookie in to pieces and gives her one piece. Ms.V asks Melody a question and Melody says the answer then Ms.V gives Melody a sip of milk. Melody's dad comes then Penny goes down the steps and says "Daddy home gotta go work!" Penny runs when Butterscotch blocks Penny. Her mom comes to get Penny. Melody's dad comes up to then Penny whips her dirty chocolate chip hands on his shirt then he says "Great thats what I always wanted"

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