The Whiz Kids team goes to a restaurant they all rush up the steps except Melody and her mom.
Conner's dad ask's Melody's mom if she needed help to get Melody up the steps but she said if he could get a manger to tell her her the wheel chair ramp was. "Uh sorry their is no ramp but there is an elevator but it's broken. A person is going to fix it in the morning! Do you need any help getting her up?" "No ,but, can you just hold the door open please?" Mrs. Brooks gets up the steps and goes into the restaurant. Clair, Molly, Conner, Rodney and Melody orders. Clair doesn't eat her food so much. They all order desert. Clair stand up and falls down on the floor and then she PUKES on Mr. D's shoes! Clair and Mr.D runs to the washroom while everyone leaves.

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