The author Sharon Draper does not want us to feel sorry for Melody. After the first 8 chapters, I do not feel sorry for her because she has a great memory, she is well loved, she has a great family, she has a great friend Mrs.V, she has a great pet dog that looks after her too!

10/10/2013 01:54:09 am

Hi, my name is Rachel from Lethbridge, Alberta.
You made a fantastic point, because before I read it I thought why would you not feel sorry, but when you wrote the reasons why I could finally understand why! Melody is unique, but also has gifts that any child would have!

Mom Megan
11/20/2013 03:34:07 pm

I am so proud of you Faith! Each one of us should be grateful for the beautiful gifts we each have. I am sooooo grateful for the miracle of YOU!

MM xoxo


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