The End...
Melody compares herself to a puzzle, a broken puzzle without all the pieces.
Penny come's home from the hospital with a new red hate and a big cast with doodle in her arm.
Melody is working on Miss. Gordon's autobiography project. Mrs.V is playing classical music from her new ipod. I hear soft purple.
i Have lots of things to say with just one thumb to say with. I guess I guess I'll just start from the beginning....
Words. Im surrounded by thousands of words maybe 

Poor Penny. 
    It was a rainy day rain was running down Melody's window. Melody's team got in 9th place. "Not my team anymore says Melody in her head!" She didn't want to go to school then she thought about it then she wanted to go to school. Her mom got her ready to go to school and brought her downstairs to eat breakfast. The bus came early that morning,  "Don't wait up Gus!" Melody's dad said. 
Melody's mom brought her to the car to get her inside but she didn't know penny wasn't  behind the HUV and ran over her. They heard a soft thump Melody's parents had to go to the hospital. Melody stayed with Mrs.V. Mrs.V got a phone call it was the hospital called, Penny was alright, but she had internal injuries.

 My heart is broken from this chapter! Melody is so excited to go to Washington D.C.! She gets all ready with the help of her mom and goes to leave for the airport to get on her plane.When they go to the desk to hand their tickets in, it ends up that Melody can't go to Washington D.C.!
The team left early in the morning without Melody. Her mom They didn't get a phone call that they left without them! To me thats messed up, so messed up!
I think they left without Melody on purpose. I think they didn't want Melody to show up at all! I just hate it that they did that to Melody when she was studying more than ever so she could win the trophy! It's just unfair!

What does Melody learn about friendship and the relationships of children working together as she practices and competes with the quiz team? What does she learn about herself?

Melody learns that friends care and that working together is best for the team. Melody learns that her team can think quicker then her machine could tell her team. Melody learns that she can be anything that she wants. She also leans the she can go on the Whiz Kids game show and win!

The Whiz Kids team goes to a restaurant they all rush up the steps except Melody and her mom.
Conner's dad ask's Melody's mom if she needed help to get Melody up the steps but she said if he could get a manger to tell her her the wheel chair ramp was. "Uh sorry their is no ramp but there is an elevator but it's broken. A person is going to fix it in the morning! Do you need any help getting her up?" "No ,but, can you just hold the door open please?" Mrs. Brooks gets up the steps and goes into the restaurant. Clair, Molly, Conner, Rodney and Melody orders. Clair doesn't eat her food so much. They all order desert. Clair stand up and falls down on the floor and then she PUKES on Mr. D's shoes! Clair and Mr.D runs to the washroom while everyone leaves.
Its time for the show to begin! The cameras are rolling. Melody see's Mr. D wearing a brand new blue suit! the people at the show don't allow the teachers near the kids on the stage so the teachers don't tell the students the answers. Its the end of the show. Melody's team scored 81 points the other school got 77 points. " Are you ready teams?" the game host asks "Im Ready" Melody says
In the next chapter I think Melody's team will win the finals and go to Washington D.C. and get to go on Good Morning America!

If Melody makes the T.V show, should they change the rules to fit melody or should Melody have to change for the show?Why or why not?
Im not trying to be mean but I think Melody should change for the show because they  probably want more viewers to watch their show

Melody hates going to the washroom! She has to tell the aide to go to the washroom then the aide has to take her out of her wheelchair,and hold Melody on the toilet so then she can't fall!
Melody goes to Mr. D's class and Mr. D brings out some papers. Its the papers for the audition for Whiz Kids. Melody gets a perfect mark!

After school Melody goes over to Ms.V's house. Ms.V helps Melody study for the test for Whiz Kids! Ms.V and Melody study really hard when Melody's mom and Penny come's to Ms.V's porch. Ms.V and Melody's mom talk when Melody says "Can we have cookies?" Penny repeats Melody "Cookies!" Ms.V goes in her house and makes some cookies. Ms.V gives Melody's mom some cookies on a paper towel to give to Penny. Ms.V breaks Melody's cookie in to pieces and gives her one piece. Ms.V asks Melody a question and Melody says the answer then Ms.V gives Melody a sip of milk. Melody's dad comes then Penny goes down the steps and says "Daddy home gotta go work!" Penny runs when Butterscotch blocks Penny. Her mom comes to get Penny. Melody's dad comes up to then Penny whips her dirty chocolate chip hands on his shirt then he says "Great thats what I always wanted"

Mr. D, Melody's teacher is doing Whiz Kids. He made his class do a Whiz Kids practice. Melody was able to do the test on Elvira her new talking computer!
Melody got all the answer's right on the practice. I wonder if she will join the Whiz Kids team?
Ch. 18 Prediction:
In the next chapter I think Melody will try out for the Whiz Kids team and be part of the Whiz Kids Team!